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I need your toughest rose please.

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hello my dear rose friends :), Happy Thanksgiving.

I have an area with full sun that needs a rose. The problem is the red clay in the area is concrete hard, on a steep slope so the water doesn’t penetrate well. I already tried the ancient Mariner 3 plants and 3 Emily B with no success, they simply didn’t grow. The one rose that is doing well in the area is my Guirlande d’Amour own root. I could just plant another, but of course I want something different and possibly with larger blooms. I think Flamenco rosita would also conquer this area but I already have two plants in a near by location.

I have considered hiring someone or renting a mini excavator to try and create a proper bed by heavily amending, but that would be a larger project. I want to see if there is anything out there so thuggish it can conquer this location. I have wondered about planting something that suckers so it can expand, but have zero experience with any rose like that.

My Requirements are:

  1. Able to conquer terrible hard clay (I will water)
  2. Very and I mean VERY blackspot resistant.
  3. Large fountain or wide bush shaped preferred.
  4. Once bloomers are acceptable
  5. Any color
  6. Medium to large blooms preferred
  7. No Austin’s please, I just do not think any of their roses is as disease resistant as I need it to be for this area.

Please let me know if anything in your gardens could possibly work. Thank you for your advice.


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