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Help deciding water heater sizing!

2 months ago

I have a two unit residential house that is going 100% electric. We are looking at hybrid heat pump & electric water heaters (such as the Rheem performance platinum). One of the units will be a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids), and the other unit will be 1-2 adults. The DOE recommends 60-80 gallons for a family of four, whereas my plumber suggests 10 gallons per person.

We also are considering doing a basic electric water heater (not heat pump) for the smaller unit because it seems like a 40 gallon capacity (which is the minimum heat pump water heater size available) would be overkill for one person - and the efficiency gain of the heat pump might be lost due to the higher volume of water.

So two questions: what size water heaters would you recommend for each unit? and does it make sense to consdier an electric <40 gallon one for the smaller unit?

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