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Which range should we get

2 months ago

We are remodeling our kitchen. We entertain and bake very frequently (right now I run uncooked dishes over to the neighbors' to borrow their ovens about once every couple of months.) We both bake a lot of volume (e.g. batches >200 cookies multiple times a year) and multiple dishes at a time (e.g. this weekend for no particular reason, my husband was making homemade pizza at the same time as I was trying to bake off a dozen bagels).

We are looking to go to full induction.

We have three main oven options:

1. 40" ILVE double oven. Pros: beautiful, double oven. Cons: oven capacity looks way too low even with both ovens. At the top end of our budget.

2. 36" Bertazzoni. Pros: nice, big range. Very well-established brand. Decent capacity, decent price. Cons: Single oven with two racks (could possibly fit a speed oven as a secondary oven)

3. 30" GE Cafe Double Oven. Pros: true convection, very nice capacity, double oven. Cons: small range, lots of weird features (like wifi) that we don't want and are likely to break, can we trust this brand?

Please help! Other suggestions are welcome!

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