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I went to a tile store today

last year
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I'm wondering what you think of the tile I picked out. One person I asked thinks the green marble I picked for the shower floor will be uncomfortable to stand on. But it is smooth and the grout would give it traction. Also the same person thinks it will be a nightmare to clean the wall tile I picked because of the raised design. I'm a little concerned about that myself. The tiles are Biltmore Tumbled Cobble and 4-D Nature. Thinking of using the floor tile for the inside of a large nook for soap/shampoo.

They also had flooring. I added the only one I liked. I googled it when I got home and it's much more gray looking than light wood colored, when you look at a whole room of it. It's called Prescott XL Akadia. I still kind of like it and before going to the tile place, I went to a flooring place and they have no light colored wood even close to my current flooring. All of their laminate flooring is grayed out and dull.

Tomorrow I'm going to a local cabinet shop to see if they have or I can get them to make me a nice cabinet. Then in the afternoon am meeting the person doing the work to talk about things.

I just thought I'd ask here since you are all so wise and I've never remodeled a bathroom and know nothing about tile.

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