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My Modified Log Splitter Has Spoiled Me.

last year
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My Modified Log Splitter Has Spoiled Me. It was hard for me to believe My 75+ yr old friend still Swinging A Maul... I finally saw his Processing of only splitting older Seasoned wood. With his Mid Size Sthil Saw he cuts shorter to split as Blocks. At this point the seasoning Cracks leads to the Easy Splitting... His stacks his ver slices over a year before his Easy Task X Splitting.

I notified him of some Ash Wood too Large X me Handling and Workers agreed to bring Limb Blocks to him. I saw his wood and he said he wanted Limb Blocks vs Trunk Blocks. He felt men lifted the blocks. They loaded them with a Bob-Cat and he cut them into less than 12" slices in 2 mornings. He stacks them vertically.

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