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Any home designers/architects who can help us with the outside facade?

21 days ago

This is the drawing of our home so far. We are thinking of making the middle area with stone and the rest of the home with shake/siding. We cannot decide on which stone to use. My husband wants brick but there isn't anything we like. We already have white windows except in the area above the front door.

Would it be ok to have a white brick facade with black front doors and a black framed window above the doors, while all other windows are white?

Current home:

There is going to be a porch across the front door and 2 rooms on each side.

I like this white stone but I don't love white stone/brick with white windows, that's why I'm wondering if a black door and black window would look out of place with the rest of the house with white windows.

If you have any advice about the rendition, please let me know. I'm also wondering if there should be a reverse gable above the front door. The room to your left is my living room where I hope to put a Christmas tree in the window,

Thanks so much!!!!

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