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Advice on office nook please.

3 months ago

I am trying to create an office nook/command center in a space off our kitchen. The desk in the picture has since been relocated – and was a little big/deep for the space. I have a smaller, similar style desk in there now (vintage, solid wood). Unfortunately, this desk has no file drawers, so I have tons of stuff piled up on a nearby table as I try to figure out how to organize the space – definitely not working as a command center!

The dimensions of the space as you look at the window are: ~74” wide. Left wall. 59” deep. Right wall: 52” deep. If you come to our house, you walk by this space. It is off the mudroom entry and for those coming to the front door, you still have pass by it en route to the kitchen. In other words, it’s a very visible space – and currently a disaster area.

I’m looking for thoughts and advice on the best way to organize and furnish the space so that I can have a desk, filing drawers, printer table/space, storage space for school/office supplies, and a charging station for phones/tablets.

Would you:

· Keep the existing desk and get a standalone filing cabinet/filing cabinet with shelving? (If so, where to find something that might match in style without breaking the bank?)

· Get a new desk with filing cabinets built in.

· Put in an L-shaped desk or stick with a standard desk?

· Leave the desk under the window or move to one of the side walls? If on a side wall, would you put in a hutch/shelving above or leave everything low?

· Any other suggestions/thoughts/advice welcome.


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