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Need advice on kitchen dining nook with tall wine fridge

4 years ago
Hello Houzz Community,
First time posting on the discussions so hopefully I’m doing this correctly. Previously in this space was a L shaped bench dining nook. Now I would like to have my wine fridge cohabitat in the same space. I was thinking of putting cabinets on top of the wine fridge and building around it so it looks more built in (like it was meant to be there with the house). I would love to create the L shaped bench again since I use it for storage underneath and having it just bump up right next to the wine fridge so a shorter L shape on one side. Please Houzz community can you tell me if this would look alright or if anyone else other suggestions for making this a better utilization of space. To the right of this is the kitchen which has an island and I already also have a formal dining area. Since this is right next to the kitchen I figured I shouldn’t create a “wet bar”.

Thank you!

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