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Difficult Radon situation - advice needed

3 months ago

We built a new house in April 2022. We had it tested for radon and the radon was exceptionally high. There was a radon pipe installed. The radon contractor we hired, tried using a fan to reduce the radon, but it barely worked.

We are trying to figure out what other issues may be at play. We think that the radon pipe installed may not be working at all. (Disclaimer, the pipe is 3" but the radon contractor said it really should be 4" for the size of my house.) The radon contractor did say that even though the pipe is smaller, there should be some decent reduction.

The radon contractor said he has done over 5,000 houses and he has always been able to get the radon down. However, this one is stumping him to some degree at this point.

We are wondering if the pipe is working at all. Is that possible?

Has anyone else had this sort of problem?



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