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How to find 2k poly refinishers, or another alternative?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

The 2k polys are great products, but how do I find someone in my area who uses them? Or other products other than paint? I'm in NW Arkansas. Are there distributors I could contact to see if they have customers in my area?

And IF I cannot find a cabinet refinisher who uses them, what would be the next option if I only have BM and SW products available? I understand the drawbacks, but if I don't have a choice of the BEST products, what would be the best choice of what's available?

Am taking dark cherry red cabinets (not actual cherry wood, just stained wood) to bright white. So need a primer that will be effective in blocking bleed-through. And a finish that DOES NOT YELLOW as I don't want the white to turn yellow.

I've read numerous chatboards about refinishing kitchen cabinets. Many differing opinions, many different products discussed (sometimes heatedly discussed). But this does me no good if I don't have access to someone who uses them. Would really appreciate any advice.

Side question: How do you touch up products that are not paint?

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