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Loba 2k Invisible - Application Question

3 years ago

A quick question for the Loba folks out there. Just had new 5.25" white oak floors put down in my NYC apartment and, to keep the raw look I wanted, luckily found Loba 2K Invisible protect through the forums here and a blog post elsewhere.

I did all I could to emphasize proper application to our floor guy (printed out instructions in English and Spanish, texted videos showing proper application, etc), but instead of doing the recommended 3 coats with intermediary sanding I asked for...he did 3 coats all in one day. I know the Loba instructions say additional coats can be applied within 4-6 hours without sanding, but I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this sort of application and whether or not it affected the finish and durability negatively in the long-run?

That said, the floors look great and exactly as I'd hoped. There is a tiny bit of hard-to-notice splotching here and there. I am...fine with it (considering the overall headache the whole renovation process has been). I just wanted to see if anyone knew whether this might cause any problems down the line.

Thanks for any and all help!

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