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Need help with challenging living room layout and color scheme

We just moved into our new home near the beach. I love everything about it. But I am really struggling with how to arrange and decorate the living room so that it is functional and esthetically pleasing. We are a family of 4 with 2 teenagers and would like to be able to have the arrangement work for 2 watching TV and 4-5 sitting and talking. Currently we have a 72” wide sofa and 9’ diam rug. The sofa is the only thing that needs to stay. Everything else can stay or go. I just need need it to work :(. I’d love your ideas on how to arrange the furniture and what to buy (accent chairs or stools or coffee table or side table. Lamps or plants….). We have tried the couch against the long wall. But not good for watching TV and the other chair(s) feel like they are in the walkways. We currently have it diagonal in the corner. That feels more functional. But now everything looks crammed in the corner. Any thoughts very much appreciated

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