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Yet another countertop seam question!

C Roy
2 months ago

We just got the kitchen redone after a flood (and the entire condo floor), and yesterday the countertops were going on. The designer/project leader sent us a photo and, to our great despair, there’s a big ugly seam glaring at us from even a basic quick photography done from a distance.

Here’s the thing: this lady communicated with us for EVERY small detail (yay), but a seam, or the placement of it, was NEVER mentioned. So we were not only shocked to see one, but to see such a obvious one (look more like grout on a tile if you ask me…)

The reason for it: the telecom wires couldn’t be removed (a column will be rebuilt at the end of the countertop with the lower cabinets material/colour), so they needed a « dent » to put them through.

So we re not experts, so here’s the questions:

1- Is it as bad a job as we think it it?
2- she offering to redo and do a diagonal seam near the wall (as indicated with the green tape on the last photo) and a small piece (the green tape near the telecom wires) that would also have two seams and would apparently be much less solid cause it would be held by the cabinets basically. Is that a way to solve this?
2B) are those kind of wires « easy » to temporarily disconnect and reinstalled after placing one solid piece with a drilled square in it?
3- If the seam is elsewhere but equally big and ugly, why bother?
4- is that something that we could eventually get another expert come to « fix » or does it need to be done right from the start?

That’s a lot of questions, I know, but we’re a bit at a loss here.


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