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indoor plants yellow leaves problem

Na A
4 months ago

All my large indoor plants, Fiddle leaf, banyan tree and money tree has leaves turning yellow as in the picture.

They are 5-6 ft each. In a well drained pot.
Are located north facing windows with plenty of daylight but without any direct sunlight.
I have these plants for 1 year. Started noticing this more in the last month. I live in Dallas, Texas so get long day light.

I am not very regular with fertilizer but water every 1-2 weeks using a soil meter.

My other plants placed on east windows don’t have this problem.

I use reverse osmosis water and we have water softener for entire house.

Is this happening because of type of water I am using or Lack of direct sunlight or mineral deficiency due to lack of frequent fertilizer.

Thank you

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