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Curtain Dilemma, please help!

Marit Erne
2 months ago

I’m just starting to redo this room to turn it into a nursery and I’m looking for a Scandinavian modern style. I’m planning on installing a pull-down blackout shade in white (IKEA) inside the window but would like to hang some mostly decorative curtains to make it feel more complete.

I’m at a bit of a loss on how to do that with the window pushed all the way into the corner like that. Is there a trick I could use to keep things looking symmetrical and keep from making the windows seem smaller/blocking out too much light? Would you just leave it without curtains entirely?

I’m worried about making it feel stuffy and want to keep things light but also don’t want it to look unfinished.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Note: radiator under window

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