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I can't solve living room dilemma. Please help!

2 years ago

I live in a small rambler with a long narrow living room. I recently purchased all new furniture (first mistake: all from the same store - and I knew better!!!).

Now I'm having trouble making it fit. But my biggest problem is adding some personality. I have lost all confidence in my own opinion. So, I'm asking for help with:

Ways to add personality and interest

Anything I should get rid of or add (I'd love a bookcase!)

Where to put the TV

General layout

Something for that long wall to the left of the entrance

I want my home to be lovely, comfortable, and clean-looking.

I am not a knick-knacks sort of person but I do want our home to feel like us,, and not look generic like it does now.

I know I have to move artwork around. Haven't tackled that yet

Door to the left is front entry. Door on the right is hallway to bedrooms

We have a living/dining room combo, in an Lshape. Dining room is immediately to the left

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