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10 yrs and I still can’t get our living room right - HELP PLS

DD Deco
5 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi Houzz! I am making my family of six crazy with this living room - dining room and the changes that inevitably happen every four months :) I desperately need some expert opinion on layout - even to give me a plan to fulfill over the next forewarned - this is no easy feat!!!
A bit of history:
Last year, the grandish piano found itself in the dining room 1) because I was sick of everyone dumping their stuff on the table when they got home and 2) to create a music room and 3) to keep food off the couch during weekends. With four kids 17 - 10yrs and only one living space the living space is our family room, game room, Wii room, work out room, homework/ computer rm, and now dining room. Challenges/Questions: 1)
where to put the tv?? This is probably the root of our problem - I don’t like to see the tv but it just seems most practical over the fireplace and I keep avoiding that option - we watch occasionally
2) I love art and books and have some great pieces but few walls without windows
3) no storage in this house!!
4) no freakin entry - seriously ??? That would be a deal breaker in my new wisdomed self!
5) we use the couch for family nights it it is down (constant fluff work) and is just big
6) I would like to move the piano back in and originally had it under the elk as that space is eaten!! But I love it most in the corner on the left side surrounded with windows and enjoying the view while playing
7) the Elk!! Truth be told - I cried when that beautiful beast took an entire corner of our main room as we unfortunately do not have tall enough walls to mount over the fireplace!!! Ugh - I did ask about raising the roof I married a hunter - enough said. We do eat healthy meat.
I tried a bookshelves on the main wall rt of the entry but it was dark and made the room feel small. (My bedroom became the library as it is quite large)The room is heavy on the elk side and especially with the piano under it and could not find a balance except to put something dark on the indent side of the fireplace which also balanced the entry door - the windowed corner always feels unbalanced.
A friend just gave me the new beige leather couch, marble coffee table, side table and shelf that she did not need. With all that being said - pls help me with layout ideas - I can get rid of everything but the elk (but it can move) the walls are hand oiled (outlawed now) and turned out too caramel but it looks nice - can work on color change as well. I like the chocolate in the dining room. Travertine is in the kitchen, and baths. Light beige window moulding also runs throughout the house.

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