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bathroom design help - especially door

2 months ago

The door into the bathroom as in plan- my husband thinks it will be awkward to open the door with left side handle. He said you will have to open the door, walk around it, and then turn to close it. He wants the handle flipped to right side. I think if it opens that way, the window will be blocked anytime the door is open. I tend to leave bathroom doors open when not in use, so the window will be blocked most of the time not letting in natural light and the street view looking in will be of a door in a window.

Door moved to center on wall - isn’t there a design rule that says you shouldn’t open door to toilet view? Also, the door is from the bedroom, and the bed is centered on opposing wall. So if the door is centered on that wall, that will be the center view from the bed. Isn’t that strange as well? (And thereby the view will be of the toilet if door is open). Or is this all fine? Also will it be better if dead center is partial sink, partial view?

What about opening into bedroom- That makes the original door placement fine, but I thought another design “rule” was that doors open into the room, so wouldn’t it be strange if the door didn’t open into the bathroom?

The bathroom is 6x11’ interior. FYI. The shower is a walk in with faucet on right hand wall. The bathroom is not ADA compliant but we are trying to keep aging in place in the back of our mind when making design decisions.


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