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Exterior paint paralysis

7 days ago

The painter is coming next week. this is not rushed, i have delayed and delayed, and just cant decide what to do. but need to just decide! any help so appreciated!

my house is 70s sort of ranchy/ski logdy/ a touch of mid century style. the very huge dark brown shingle roof domiates the front. but the sides due to aluminum windows with no trim are large mostly unintrupted expanses.

i was leaning all white dove, including painting the front brick white dove, and the garage door and back chimney a dark charcoal.

others possibilities are grey/greige stucco (repose grey/agreeable grey) again with white trim and brick (im devastated to paint the brick, but my brick is terrible quality, and someone experimented by lime washing some of it before my time, so i dont think it can be saved).

any and all suggestions welcome!

there will be a low wood deck in between the brick pillars in front. and drought tolerant plantings (silvery green/dark green).

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