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What color trim for exterior?

11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

We need to make a final decision on paint colors and are spinning in circles, not in love with any of our options (far too many samples later!)

Part of the issue is that I don't think we have the right trim colors for these yet, and maybe once we get that right, one will jump out as a frontrunner. Any thoughts on what trim and accent colors would work well for these?

BM Weekend Getaway (in this photo, with Plum Royale accent and Cloud Nine trim)

BM Stratton Blue (same trim as above)

BM Turmeric (in this photo, with Rustique accent and Creamy White trim)--worry is that this one will read too yellow/mac-and-cheesy, and the red trim might accentuate that?

BM Etruscan (I think same trim as above)

I don't love any of these, but we haven't found great alternatives.

Are there better trim and accent options for these? We're also not committed in any way to off-white trim, and could do something different there too. Thanks for any ideas!

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