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What color should we stain our backyard fence?

last year

Hi all! I'm struggling to pick a stain color for our cedar fence that will look good with our house and balcony/staircase, which are both sort of a brownish gray color that reads fairly warm in sunlight and cooler in shade. One section of our fence is a solid privacy fence that borders our next-door neighbors, but the rest is all hog wire fencing that backs up to the woods. I’d love to pick a neutral color that will help the fence disappear into the greenery a little more.

We tested out a sample of a semi-transparent Behr stain in the color Tugboat, a fairly neutral lighter brown color that I thought would be great, but our natural cedar is so orange that I'm not sure I like how it looks. Do we need to go with a semi-solid stain instead? Or pick a different semi-transparent color that can somehow neutralize the orange? Would love to hear what you all would pick to complement our existing color scheme!

Here's the unstained privacy fence along with our balcony/stairs/house:

This is part of the hog wire portion of the fence (cedar posts with silver wire):

The portion outlined in red below includes the pickets that we stained with semi-transparent Behr "Tugboat" as seen in full sunlight:

Lastly, here are those same stained pickets seen in some shade:

Thanks for your help!

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