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T.M.J. due to dentist trauma - SOS what helped you?

last year
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First of all I'm begging that nobody make waves over this, as the only reason i'm posting this, is for constructive purposes as I'm in dire straits - anxious to hear whether any of you had similar experiences, and what, if anything, helped you the most. I.E. i'm not seeking to dwell on "unprofessionalism" however costly it was.

These past few years I've been having horrific dental experiences, this latest one is even worse than the previous one. The previous horror story i described on Houzz was due to root-canal in tooth-7.

But this time my experience is even worse if you can imagine that. Related to my rotted Tooth-30. My situation is something like described in this site - AZDENTIST - except it's NOT a flare-up, rather a first-time situation CAUSED-BY dentistry.

My dentist advised I should see a root-canal specialist, as the cavity was very deep. So I chose 2 dentists to get assessed by. One who does dental with all bells-whistles, including doing implants. The 2nd does exclusively implants.The reason I wanted to get assessed by implant-specialists was because my one root-canal experience with Tooth-7 was so difficult.

Well, I never even wound up visiting the exclusive-implant specialist (whose earliest slot was the next week), because the bells-whistles office told me they have a slot open the next day for a free consultation. Forward to the next day: The bells-whistles dentist sprung on me the "exciting news" that he can fix my issue with a crown, even though 75% of the tooth is rotted.

Turned out his assessment was in error.

What can i say - during the first treatment, he'd given me three shots, thus there was near-zero pain during rot removal and placement of crown. But a day later, I felt excruciating pain every time I ate pickled salad or drank cool drinks. So I phoned the office, and they fit me in for a followup soon thereafter. The dentist then realized he had miscalculated, and that he really needs to do root-canal after all. He said the zirconia crown is a conductor of cold-sensation, which had been reaching my underlying nerve. Thus he said removal of the nerve plus root-canal should remedy the pain.

Which meant that:

  • Right then and there, just a few days after my first set of injections, he gave me another set of injections. (This, despite my having emphasized to him prior to the 2nd visit that I'm wary of further injections, at risk of nerve trauma due to my sensitive nerves.)
  • He also kept squeezing on my outer cheek (where Tooth 30 is) despite my having emphasized to him that that spot became bruised during treatment the previous week.
  • I also was continuously told to keep my mouth open WIDE for prolonged periods, during two sessions within a few days of each other.

Never before had I been forced to endure so much oral trauma within the space of a few days of each other. So sure enough, I now have TMJ, in the respect that opening my mouth to eat a one-inch-wide slice of peach, let alone a burger-bun, KILLS me. Any gap wider than 1/2" between my upper and lower teeth, causes pain, plus my right cheek feels a bit more puffy than my left one. As if its swelled. (And, BTW, biting on Tooth-30 still hurts, six days post-root-canal. And chewing food hurts my right jaw).

In light of all this, I'd very much appreciate hearing testimony from anyone with a similar experience. I.E. did dental also cause you TMJ? And what was the best therapy, if any, that helped? Warm-pak? Cold-pak? Alternating warm/cold? Phys.therapy? (Although please note that all my prior phys.therapy experiences were negative. One phys.therapy session caused me irreversible finger arthritis. Another time, a high-level podiatrist actually caused me permanent swollen/painful ankle due to insisting on applying an Ace-bandage I never needed. Also, a chiropractor caused my spine to become worse than when I started with him.

P.S. The supreme irony is, that dentists this past decade have been telling me I have TMJ due to bruxism, despite that i had NEVER FELT mouth-opening pain. Granted, my lower teeth are jagged (from bruxism), but no mouth-opening pain. Furthermore, mouthguards via two separate dentists never felt comfortable in my mouth, so I couldn't even use them. I frankly grow weary of doctors and dentists making mountains out of molehills (but also molehills out of mountains). Another example was their warning years ago that tooth-extraction of my then-dead-tooth can cause my teeth to grow toward each other. Ha-ha, that never did happen to me. Instead, while the oral-surgeon was like a butcher during the extraction process, yet the resulting bare gum is now one of the few areas in my mouth which isn't sensitive. Sorry, but one size does not fit all, and they have to learn to treat each case as potentially very unique. Only true empaths can do that, but they're one in a million, such as TED-Talk Neurologist Dr.Salinas - who has mirror-touch synesthesia.

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