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About to plant 10 hybrid tea roses in their prepared bed

I have prepared a 55 x 4' bed between my driveway and a new picket fence to be a rose bed. All the resident crabgrass has been removed and some topsoil+compost has been tilled into the native clay soil. Since I have 10 hybrid tea roses maturing at different sizes, I thought I should plant the roses 5.5' apart all the way down the line. About the planting hole---should it be twice the diameter of the rose rootball knocked from the sales pot? Is there anything I should apply in the planting hole before placing the rose bush in it? I won't apply Plant-tone until spring, with winter not that far off now. I want to apply a couple inches of shredded bark mulch over the soil once I tamp it down firmly. Anything else I should do to give my roses a good start? I have quite a variety of colors in this collection. Does anyone have any suggestions about what might look nice as to what order I should plant the roses in? Tallest in the back, progressing to shortest? All the yellows, then all the peaches, then all the pinks? Draw the names of the roses out of a hat?

Here are the roses to be planted by the picket fence in the front yard: Fragrant Cloud, Touch of Class, New Day, Double Delight, Chicago Peace, Love, Strike It Rich, Queen Elizabeth, Julia Child and Sol Desire.

I will be excited to see all these beauties in bloom next summer!

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