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My entries in the photo section of our rose show

last year
last modified: last year

I decided to enter a couple of photos in our local rose show. It is tomorrow so tune in then to see how I do. Since this is my first time I am entering in the Novice categories and they only have three options:


E-1. ROSES OF ANY VARIETY WITHOUT SIDE BUDS: Roses must be the dominant flower in the photo. Roses may be named on entry tag if known.

E-2. ROSES OF ANY VARIETY IN A GARDEN SETTING: A private or public garden, which must have the name of the garden on the entry tag. Roses must be the dominant flower in the garden. Roses may be named on entry tag if known.

E-3. A SPRAY OF ANY VARIETY ROSES WITH 2 OR MORE OPEN BLOOMS AND SHOWING COLOR: Roses may be named on entry tag if known.

Dainty Bess.

I think this goes in the E-3 spray section but not sure if they will say in the garden photos section. Colors aren't showing well in this photo because I took the picture at night, in real life it is more like the picture with the black mat.

Sorry for the tilted photo. I had to do that to avoid reflection.

I was really torn as to whether to go with a black or white mat for it.

Both my husband and the framer at Hobby Lobby voted for the white, saying the flowers popped more so that is what I bought but I preferred the black. Part of what influenced me is that I chose black for my other two photos and wanted to make it look like I gave thought to the mat color vs just choosing the same mat for everything.

Neil Diamond in the E1 Roses of Any Variety Without Side Buds.

I was already told this one will be penalized because I didn't pull off the center petals. But all my photos are garden shots, not ones I took anticipating I would put them in a rose show. I first printed a more close up version but I liked the shadow and full leaves in the lower right of this photo so decided to go with this size because of the leaves around it. I feel like the density and shape of the leaves compliment the density and shape of the petals.

Fred Loads in E1 Roses any Variety Without Side Buds. I really liked this one. I think the fuzzed out Winnipeg Parks flowers really compliment it and give it an artsy feel. Will be interested to see if the judges feel the same.

I also liked these two photos of Fourth of July (top) and Fred Loads (bottom) but they don't allow side buds so I didn't mat them up for submission.

I also considered this picture as I really like Easy on the Eyes but figured the center flower having older stamens would sink it so I didn't mat it up either.

I couldn't get this Amiga Mia picture to print out well because I took the picture in the shade which caused it to look poor when printed. Bummed because Amiga Mia is such a pretty flower.

By the time I got the three matted and mounted this evening Hobby Lobby had already closed so I couldn't change my mind on the color of the mat for Dainty Bess. Good lesson on getting them done at least a day in advance to allow for changing one's mind.

I ended up printing twelve 8x10 photos for the three I decided were OK to submit. After the show I will likely offer the unused prints for free on Nextdoor to see if anyone wants them for scrap booking or something. I hate to just throw them out as they are quite pretty.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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