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Please help improving functionality for weird kitchen

Lisa Leone
last month
last modified: last month

I recently posted a question and got a lot of feedback about the poor functionality in my current kitchen design and wanted to get some critique of 2 other layouts I have been considering.

Original layout (previously had washing machine on short wall which is now in basement):

Main entrance through unheated enclosed porch is at bottom, door at top is to living room.

Layout 1:

L-shaped 6x6 island with prep sink and trash pullout as main functionalities and 2 stool seating on the dining room side. This gives a space to drop groceries by fridge, wash and prep produce, and is close (4 ft) to the range. Doesn't impede cleaning area and dish storage at main sink under left window on wall. exact location of prep sink might vary. Downsides are: it looks weird? and have to walk farther to main sink and dish area from dining area.

Layout 2:

7' long island with main sink and dishwasher. Prep sink and trash are on short wall. Downsides are: no convenient area for dish storage right there, and might be too busy with main sink and island seating? could think about some kind of dish storage along dining room wall maybe.


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