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Green Beans: Chinese stir fried green beans last night

last month

DH cooked these for us last night. I often make them, but it’s always nice when someone else takes a turn at the wok or oven. They were a bit different than the ones I make. He says that next time he will add a few more chopped scallions and also toasted sesame oil.

Green beans are plentiful now at farm stands and in home gardens.

Do you like green beans? How do you like to prepare them? I hope to make that delicious three bean salad one of these days. I adore grean beans nad sometimes snack on them raw from the garden. I like leaving the little tail on them.

The recipe does not require much oil, the cooking pan does not need to be wildly hot. You can omit any meat, ot use other protein like chicken, beef, and maybe chopped shrimp would be interesting. I can imagine it with mushrooms or fried tofu cubes. The recipe is flexible — you can add toasted sesame seeds, chopped roasted peanuts, red pepper, lots of things.

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