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Need help with stainless steel hood and crown interface!

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Below is a screen shot of my wood range hood cover. This range hood cover is going away and will be replaced with a stainless steel hood unit (by Best, their Classic series and one that will accomodate the external blower, and yes, I'll have MUA).

The Best setup looks like the pic below, including the 12" riser above the 18" high hood, total of 30" of height. My crown set up has a 3" high riser followed by the crown which will be scribed to the ceiling.

I guess my question is: Is there a better way to deal with the 12" vertical section above the 18" angled hood to make the transition between wood and metal more natural? I guess I could get the cabinet shop to order me a 12" high wood panel instead of using the 12" high stainless vertical panel. I tried to look at images on Houzz but was unsuccessful in finding one. Honestly, I like the 12" high stainless panel.

(photo from this link, Best's website)


(and yes, the wood hood cover was a bad option. And no, I don't have additional space for overhang. 36" is what I have to work with.)

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