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Another death today, David McCullough

Elmer J Fudd
last month

A brief piece announcing his death that I came across called him a "national treasure". Those two words capture my feelings about him quite well.

His books are not just tales of historic people and places. To read them is to experience a personal adventure of discovery. Many people also knew him for the hosting gigs he had on PBS for various programs. His voice and calm charm had both friendliness and gravitas at the same time. He was a modest man who always downplayed his own successes and prominence.

I regret that his passing means I have no new David McCullough books to look forward to. I've reread each one a few times and I will have to be content with that. For anyone with an interest in history and personal adventure written by a master storyteller, and if you have the patience to read through a well written and fast moving book that nonetheless is over 500 pages long, there's no better place to start than The Path Between the Seas, a National Book Award winner.

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