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De-Leafing my Black Tulip Magnolia?

last month

I love my Black Tulip Magnolia! It has been in the ground 3 years now and has for the first time this summer really started expanding its branches. But ... I never saw a picture before I bought it showing how it looks AFTER it drops its blooms and leafs out. Although still very attractive, the dark green and super thick canopy of leaves looks very HEAVY to me.

So I'm wondering if I can remove some of the leaves in the middle of the tree to open it up a bit and show off its branches? I'd like to do it early summer after it leafs out and wouldn't remove any new buds which are forming.

What are your thoughts on this? Will doing this decrease the number of FLOWERS the following spring? I don't want to do that !!!

Also, wondering if I'll need to keep doing the leaf removal every year to maintain the same look or if in future years, the tree will automatically stop growing LEAVES where they have been removed.

Thank you!

The Greengoblin

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