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Can you save money by designing and building your own home? How cheap?

Zeek Willington
11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

I don't have good credit but that doesn't mean I'm bad with money. Since I can't get a loan I am devising how to just buy the land and build the house myself. I just had a good chuckle when I looked at the price of a "tiny home" kit and it was $150,00 if you build the thing yourself.

I'm confident this can be accomplished for much cheaper. If I design my own building and buy the supplies can I not get this done at a much cheaper price? One disadvantage there is I would have to cut some of the wood myself but in any case I would be able to calculate the exact cost of materials and size the house according to my desires and means.

I'd need a well and a septic system and electric hookup and all that good stuff. But if I can do any of that work myself I would like to as for sure none of that will be cheap.

I do have a little construction experience and I can learn enough about architecture and sketchup to design a building. Plus I can have the plans reviewed by a professional to make sure I didn't overlook something so there might be a cost there if I can't just find a friend to check it over for me.

I'd like to do this for ....$40,000 cash (including like $15,000 for land). I'm not sure what the true cost of materials is so who knows. Also, of course there would be expenses for buying tools and other miscellaneous stuff.

So FYI, the default low effort reply here is to say it can't be done and I just don't understand why it must be so expensive. That's loser talk. I'm talking about how do I do it. $40,000 is not a hard limit but that's what I'm aiming for.

I can do all the work, operate all the equipment, etc. myself except where I am legally or technically unable to. Thanks for entertaining this Veteran's pipe dream of ever owning his own home.

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