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Best quality cast iron tubs?

last year

Hi folks, I am replacing my alcove bathtub and am looking for a new, good quality, cast iron tub (it will be alcove again). My problem is that I can’t find a lot of information about what I should be looking *for* in a good quality cast iron tub. I am seeing reviews (with photos) of thin enamel/cast iron showing through, rippled/uneven finish, poor quality cast iron bases on some Kohler models which is what the internet wants me to buy. Makes me nervous. Can anyone give me some guidance? My American Standard from 1978 is finally giving up because the mold apparently had a low spot that holds water/won’t drain/has a rust spot that is not a candidate for refinish. This is not a fancy space (seeking a basic alcove tub…no jets, etc) but I still want it to last.

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