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Kohler Cast Iron Tubs? Acrylic Tub? Americast?

7 years ago

I have just started looking at bathtubs and trying to figure out what to use in our child's bathroom. Our child is a disabled adult, although has no trouble getting in and out of the bathtub, and will NOT take a shower---only baths. Our child can be quite hard on the house, so the tub needs to be sturdy. My child will take a bath every day, so it will see hard use.

I've searched here and elsewhere and it seems that the majority do recommend cast iron, although I'm willing to listen to anyone who would suggest using an acrylic tub. I've also read that there have been a number of complaints about Americast (by American Standard) chipping.

This will be our retirement home and we are trying to have reasonable quality, but keep the costs down. I was looking at some of the Kohler cast iron tubs and noted that many people mentioned that the white tubs are not really white and don't blend well with the white sinks and toilets they were using. Can anyone comment on this?

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