Cast Iron vs Acrylic Tub- pros and cons?

9 years ago

I recently selected the Kohler Archer tub for my girls', ages 12 and 8, shared bath in our new home. I selected it because it is 19" deep so they can take a nice bath, which they still like to do, especially the 8 yr old. We came in overbudget for our plumbing fixtures (go figure) and one way to cut a little $ off bottom line is to switch to a Kohler cast-iron tub. The one I've been quoted is $200 less, however, it is only 14" deep. I'm not worried about them stepping over the side when they get in and out because of their ages. I can't decide if it's worth the extra money for a deeper tub, or if cast-iron is more durable so that should outweigh depth decision....DH likes cast-iron, I'm more concerned with keeping my girls out of our tub in master bathroom. What would you do and why? How would you rate an acrylic vs cast-iron tub? Which one will show scratches? I think I used abrasive cleaners on current cast iron tub which took the finish off.

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