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Possible toenail fungus/Kerasal experience??

I have never had any toenail issues. I went to a new nail place and the 2nd time I went and she took the polish off polish I noticed white patches on my big toe and on a few other toes. I googled it and it could be a fungus or keratin granulation.

After the 2nd pedicure I left the polish on for about 3 weeks but I wanted to see what was going on under the polish so I took it off. Still white patches. If I put lotion or oil on, it looks fine. I decided to leave polish off for a couple weeks but then went for another pedicure but at at different nail salon.

left that polish on for about 3 week and just took off the polish this weekend and there are still white patches. My plan it to leave the polish off this time for longer.

Other than the white patches, my toenails look fine. I was going to get Kerasal but after reading the fine print it says it "improves the appearance" I don't think it actually treats anything. I could be wrong so I'm wondering if anyone here has used Kerasal and what it did for you.

In the meantime I'm just going spray alcohol on my toenails and put on Vit E or a jojoba oil on them.

I've also read tea tree oil would help too.

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