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Getting further along - Colors are my weakness!

Coffee Dude
last year
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I purchased this house 2 weeks ago. Cleaning it up - pressure washed, and will be repacing 60 yr old windows with black or white vinyl windows. Also, in 2 days the eyebrow porch will be removed (the curves/ scallops) with 6 x 6 cedar posts and also a new door with a MCM modest whang. I learn a lot from you guys and appreciate. I have two color samples chosen for the siding and likely a door to be a sage or mild teal front door color. My 2 big questions - I favor idea of black windows (can opt to white), but want it to work with colors. 2. What is a good - "bit bolder siding color"? Yes, the brick is bit pink/orange red, and not in love with it. Urban Bronze is the dark color. Can't remember the other one I chose.

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