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antenna in cell phones

Our little neighborhood is in a VERY slight geographical dip. Our neighbors about 600-1,000ft away are not in that dip but also not elevated get great cell phone.
Our little 'hood are each 1 acre.
1. House one typical traditional one story. No trees covering house.
2. House two traditional longish house
3. House 3 traditional one story. No trees on north.
4.House 4 low slope modern with lots of Windows. No trees on north. No trees covering house.
5. House 5 traditional with no trees on north.
6. Traditional with HUGE oaks over house. Heavily trees throughout.
House 3, 4, 5 each have different phones/carriers.
3 has ATT with Samsung. No computerlines just air.
5 has Walmart ('StraightTalk) Tower shows as Verizon. Prepay. LG
4 has iPhone with (dang it I forgot but is a well know big company not a prepay).Combined with computer service.
3, 4, and 5 have horrible reception (we don't know about the rest). Dropped calls. Sometimes no bars at all sometimes 1 sometimes 2 bars. Sometimes no up/down arrows or bars for several minutes. No difference in the yard USUALLY. We have each called our carrier and so called updated phone/program with no better results.
Do some cell phones have better antenna than others?
Would the cell phone signal bouncer help? Some of the signal extenders are very expensive. Some not.
5 has a newer signal extender but no longer uses computer service. Will signal extender work with cell phone alone?
We three families are at wits end.We have to sit in One particular room for two of us. One of the neighbors (the hardest outdoor worker) is in her nineties. She keeps her landline because of poor cell and to trace a recording of her pacemaker once a month to doctor. Her cell works great when out and about.
Thanks for your help.

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