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Rug Size for Large Room - is 12x16 too large?

G Indecisive
last month
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Hi all! looking for some advice on rug

size. we went through a renovation and refinished our floors to an ebony/jacobean mix (so thrilled to finally get rid of our basketball courts and all traces of yellow that was all

over the house).

so the main seating area in the great room is about 22’ x 18’ 12” (the full length is 28’ but with a galley area separated by those pillars). we had a 10x14 rug in the space that you see here in the photo.

I always felt it was a tad too small for the room but it was all we could afford years ago and it was my splurge purchase bc I fell in love with the rug.

We are looking to buy a new 12x16 and wanted to get some thoughts if it was too big for this space?

Would love any thoughts. Thanks!

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