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Sweet Frances from Antique Rose Emporium

last month
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This is the first bloom from my Sweet Frances .

It has an antique look; pointed petals surround a button eye that becomes more distinct as the flower ages. Mike Shoup calls her lovely- she is indeed.

A few petals got pulled off trying to position her.

Sweet Frances' bud starts out pastel peach, then opens out flat in blended pale yellow and pink.

The bloom then puffs up fluffy light pink

and finishes an antique white. It is the most delicate looking rose I have grown, though the petals are waxy and it stayed fresh looking the last few days even in extreme heat. She possesses a mild sweet rosey fragrance ,with a hint of myrrh ?

HMF rates Sweet Frances excellent for quantity, repeat bloom, and as a cut flower. Healthy, nearly thorn free, with an endearing bloom that is incredibly soft looking , this understated beauty with it's old fashioned form would be gorgeous in floral arrangements.

My first post for some reason did not appear, forgive the repetition if the original posts later.

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