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Can you make cole slaw out of a baby napa cabbage?

last month

The last time I made cole slaw, I had more cabbage than I could use. This week, I have a tiny napa cabbage, maybe a tad bigger than a softball, and I haven't figured out what to do with it. I could use the outer leaves as meat cups instead of lettuce. They're certainly not big enough to stuff. But I could use some cole slaw. The question is will it be nice? I don't care if it's center of the (white) cabbage crunchy, but if it's going to be soft and floppy, I won't do it. It would be a shame to waste my cute little cabbage, and after it's shredded, the only thing other than slaw I can think of is tacos, and I can't see getting ingredients for unplanned tacos just to use up shredded cabbage.

So, with napa cabbage work for slaw?


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