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What can I expect to pay for artificial turf/lawn?

We have a very small front lawn/yard which I'm already going over to a mostly Ca native and succulent type garden.

We now have twin Grandchildren and a new baby and need to change our backyard to something they can play in!

The previous owners put some horrible sharp gravel, brick and a fake raised bed garden!

We have since turned the raised bed garden into gardens, so that side of the yard is good.

Back to the sharp gravel side! We had a peach and a cherry tree in this area. The peach tree has apparently died from the drought (we didn't know it wasn't on a drip system!), but the cherry tree is still going, though we got few fruit this year.

All of this area is covered in a nasty sharp gravel! I'm thinking of getting this removed by some cheap labor.

So, I need the area, approximately 25x60' done in some sort of artificial grass/turf.

We also need to have it so the cherry tree can also get as much water as it needs. I'm just hoping for a guestimate.

My daughter and her wife spent $40K on their front yard! But that was a full remodel.

I'm just looking at the 25x60

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