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Blooming today in Indiana

We still have a few blooms worth looking at, thanks to Bob and his relentless watering. We have three sprinklers going about 18 hours a day. He turns them off in the morning so we can look at the flowers and then turns them back on after lunch. He had the foresight to put in a well out near the daylilies. We could never water them with the water coming from the house.

We picked up Red Lobster cheap at Jamie Gossard's place a couple of years ago on the northern Mecca tours. We didn't know if it would like our climate, but it is doing well.

Auriel Dell is a small daylily on a robust plant.

Klaatu Barada Nikto is the kind of daylily Bob likes.

Illinois Jacquet Flies Again is enormous.

Mayan Dark Eyes was a gift from the hybridizer to our daughter.

Now for some seedlings . . .

It was a good day for eyed daylilies. This is Abilene Lillian X Cherry Pie a la Mode.

This is Works for Me X Cherry Pie a la Mode.

I was surprised that this is Ashwood Summer Sunshine X Bodacious Bite. It didn't expect the color to be dark in the eye. Then I remember that Clarification, which has a dark eye, is a grandparent. Like A. S. Sunshine, it is a big flower.

We are happy with this one. It is Fooled Me X Rocky Top. It resembles Rocky Top with more vivid color and better sepals. I hope it continues to do the pinching thing. The scape is tall and branched too. So it got its blue ribbon today (that's the way we mark the keepers out of the seedling bed--blue flagging tape).

More to come . . .

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