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Partial Two Story Great Room Questions

11 days ago

We are currently in the architectural process of a new build. Posted below is a first draft of the first and second floor layout. Overall design/theme is supposed to craftsman/modern farmhouse-ish.
The original plans included a 10 foot high ceiling across the entire great room with an open two-story foyer. We requested the modification to allow for an open great room with two-story overlook. To stay in our budget, they had to take some space from bedrooms in order to make it work (pending second draft).
The way the plans turned out show a partially open two story great room overlook. We have never seen this design before…curious if anyone has seen this type of layout before. Initially we hated it but then we’re thinking a 23x17 great room will need to be broken up into different areas anyway and it might make for a non-traditional space transition?

If anyone has ever seen (or not seen) this type of design before and has any comments, suggestions, we welcome your thoughts. I figure some would say to eliminate it altogether and regain bedroom space upstairs, but just thinking if we were to keep it this way…..
How would you decorate that big wall on the second story?
Would you keep the first place where it is?
Where would position a TV?
How would you roughly configure furniture and/or break the room up?
Any other questions I’m not thinking of?

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