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Seedless black raspberry jam with Norpro food mill advice

l pinkmountain
5 months ago

I have a small crop this year of black raspberries. I'm not sure what to do with them. They are small and kind of seedy. I could freeze the extras, I've done that with red raspberries.

But I have a Norpro food mill with a berry seed attachment and I'd like to try it. Anyone every done that before? The problem is I probably won't end up with enough pulp to make a full recipe of either jelly or jam. That's why I'm thinking I could just make a cooked jam out of whatever pulp I end up with. Anyone have any experience with that to share tips or advice.

Also, I might have to freeze the berries as they come ripe until I have enough. Will that work out OK, making jam from thawed berries?

I've very excited. Last year I got maybe five berries, this year I have enough to eat and maybe preserve somehow, at least a small batch. That's what's puzzling me, how to make a micro batch of something . . .

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