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Design Advice Request: Mixing Countertop Color/Pattern/Material

John Miller
9 days ago

I'd like advice on replacing an existing countertop with a different color, pattern, and/or material and still have it look good with the rest of my kitchen. Thank you in advance for any help.

We want to replace a set of shallow-depth cabinets with full depth. This will necessitate replacing the countertop on them.

We are going to attempt to find the same color/pattern quartz we have now. Replacing with a different kind of countertop is just in case we cannot find the same. We have contacted our builder, who is going to try to find their installer's supplier for us, as their installer does not work with the public.

The current countertops are quartz. The color is a kind of concrete grey, and it is not polished smooth. Instead, the texture is more 'pebbled' or 'sueded'.

We are hoping we can find a match but if not are hoping we can come up with an aesthetically pleasing alternate. Thank you!

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