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Kitchen Remodeling Expectations

The Kitchen Place
7 months ago

Please help me put together a list of kitchen remodeling expectations. Those things that you wish your KD had told you. I plan to print this up and put it in my showroom!

  1. The interiors and bottoms of your new cabinets will NOT be the same color as the cabinet box and door/drawer fronts. That is, unless, you order the cabinets with "finished interiors" or pay extra for panels to be made and installed.
  2. Wood is a natural product and you will get some variation in the color and grain
  3. Seams in countertops will occur. Think about your layout and seam location when designing.
  4. Think about the max slab size available.
  5. Tops over 22 or 23 Sq Ft will have a carry charge. Meaning they hire an extra guy to help carry the quartz or granite slabs.
  6. Interior shelf installation is not included with our installations unless requested. Most of our clients prefer to set them to their preferences. Nor do they want to pay fine carpenter wages for putting a shelf inside a cabinet. therefore, we do not do this unless requested and included in the estimate.
  7. Painted cabinets cost more.
  8. Painted cabinets show more flaws, wear/tear. They will NOT come perfect out of the box. Expect some touch ups. There are some higher end cabinet brand exceptions to this Plain & Fancy, Rutt..etc.
  9. The actual GLASS for glass prepped doors does not always come with all cabinet brands. Some prep the doors only and expect the homeowner or someone else to provide and install the glass. A local glass shop is where to buy it.
  10. Full overlay doors will hit side walls and range hoods. Plan for this if it will bother you. Otherwise, consider fillers, extended stiles, partial overlay cabinets or inset cabinets.
  11. Make sure a refrigerator door will open properly. Check the specs! Especially if the unit is up against a side wall. Or a counterdepth ref. near an oven or tall pantry cabinet with hardware sticking out. Clearance issues could occur.

What else should I add????

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