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I babysat Gino for a couple hours on Sunday

10 days ago

Gino wanted to come and visit so his mom brought him in to stay with me and she got some groceries. Elliott didn't pay him any heed, no hissing etc.

I'm taking Elliott in tomorrow for his checkup following his dental surgery. Regarding the blood in his urine, he has FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease). It's often caused by stress and I received an email from the vet saying that I can buy a plug-in with Feliway insert which is a calming scent. I can also buy prescription urinary food with a calming additive (similar to chamomile tea etc etc).

I'm NOT buying a stress scent for him; he's not stressed here with me. He's absolutely calm and loving, as you know. I believe any blood in his urine is a leftover from his previous home. They couldn't be more different, 5 cats and a dog, vs the only cat in a quiet home. I'm actually not happy with my vet pushing these products on me. He can also get weekly injections to strengthen the bladder wall, but as per their words "they haven't been proven that they work."

I did by the kibble with the calming ingredient when I was in last week, but that's as far as I'm going to go.

He hasn't been allowed to have any kibble, for fear of tearing the stitches, and he really wants some. He sits in front of the cupboard where they are stored, and has his face sniffing the bag when I get something out of it. :-)

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