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Where do you put things that need to be "reserved", etc.

5 months ago

I was looking at the one skillet chicken recipe that was recently posted. It may be one skillet, but it needs a lot of extra bowls and stuff, including someplace to put the chicken after it's partly cooked since it wouldn't be one skillet if it were just put aside (though it's important not to overcook it in a hot pan too). I got too tired just reading about the washing up to make the recipe, though it sounds really good to eat.

It's not that I don't have plenty of prep bowls and mixing bowls, including plenty that go happily in the dishwasher, but for something like this, I'd usually use a pyroceram pie plate to off load the chicken to. Being flat, but with a raised edge, it has the good qualities of both a plate and a bowl, and it does go in the dishwasher, though it takes up too much space, being a little too thick at the edges to fit standing straight between the tines. I don't have a better alternative, so that'll do.

It got me wondering how the rest of yu do it. What kinds of dishes do you use for the meat after it's browned? The juices that will be returned to make the sauce? The veg gone translucent? Do you just use another pan? Do you have special dishes for the purpose? Do you ignore that step and just push things to the sides and add new things to the heat in the center? What do you do?

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