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Subzero ice maker lever tosses ice cubes out

Bob Ack
7 months ago

I have a 42" Subzero french door fridge. The icemaker drawer will throughout ice about 40-60% of the time when you pull the top drawer out to get ice. What happens is that the lever that stops the ice from overfilling will kick out when the drawer is pulled forward and throw ice out of the back of the bin. Seems like a poor design issue.

I don't recall it being a major problem the first few years of having the fridge but now it's a nearly daily occurrence. We had two repairmen tell us that this is a known design issue with no fix. Now I have to fish out like 20-30 pieces of ice a week to deal with the poor design. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I am surprised I couldn't find many other complaints about it online.

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