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5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

The rhubarb this year (from farm) was so good and plentiful, I kind of overdid it. :) I made a couple of Lindac's best ever rhubarb pies, but they're very sweet so I started playing with less sweet ideas. For pie, I did a double crust kind of like Mom's apple pie, but white flour crust. Chopped the rhubarb, and put it in a zipper bag overnight in the fridge with a modest amount of sugar a little powdered dry ginger and some tapioca. It threw a lot of liquid, and I added a small amount of arrowroot starch (because it was quick to grab rather than the tapioca starch). I didn't want the pie to be runny. It's not. :) It tastes grand, but I can't decide if the ginger brings out the flavor of the rhubarb or muddies it. The edges of the bottom crust froze in the fridge drawer while i was rolling the top. And the top crust tore as I was lifting it. The pie was for home. I couldn't have fixed both, and done a protein wash, to make it pretty, but I couldn't be bothered. :)

Then there's rhubarb bread. I was hoping for pink, but it's just a pleasant tan. It's actually rhubarb orange juice bread. For a one pound loaf, 2 cups of small diced rhubarb and enough OJ to just about cover it, liquified in the blender, and used as the "water" for the bread. The result is really good. A mostly closed crumb (the norm for the base recipe), very springy, subtle flavor a bit sweet and sour. But it is subtle. I'd make it again, no problem, if I had extra rhubarb, but it doesn't highlight the rhubarb. It's just very good, tasty bread.

And then there's the empanadas. I adapted my sweet empanada dough recipe using butter and ginger with white flour, and for the filling I was thinking along the lines of dulce de leche but I didn't have time for that, so I used a can of evaporated milk and a can of sweetened condensed milk, and just a little starch. As it reduced, I put in some slightly air dried tarragon to infuse (and left it in), and when it was getting thick, added a couple cups of rhubarb to cook. I really like this, but used the milk mixture to shine them up and once they cooled, they felt sticky. No one cares. :) But fingers get licked. :) When I make empanadas, normally, they roll out round, and make lovely crescents. I was on call, but eager to get them done, so I just rushed and made 'em wonky. I did give 'em a wash, but the sticky detracts from the shine. :) Again, nobody cares. ;)

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