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Paprika Recipe Organizer Site: Help!

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I've purchased it and it looks fantastic and super-organized. BUT . . . I'm totally overwhelmed trying to comprehend all of the many, many possibilities, the how-to's, etc. Anyone here use it???

I love to cook and have four huge ring binders full of recipes that I make or want to make. I'm also a true organizing geek. I've organized these cookbooks as best I could :

  1. Main Dishes with subcategories such as Chicken, Plant-Based, Beef; Seafood, Etc., and then further sub-subcategories, such as New Mexican, Asian, etc.
  2. Other Main Dishes, including a huge Soup section with subcategories; same with Sandwiches, Appetizers, etc;
  3. Side Dishes
  4. Baked Goods

They're actually way more organized than what I've listed here. But, these are huge, heavy cookbooks and I'd love to put a lot of these recipes onto Paprika.

With this new Paprika online program, once your recipes are in there, you can quickly and easily do a cross search (for example) "Vegetarian + avocados, tomatoes".

If you know this program, my first question is: Is there a way to scan my own typed out recipes from my cookbooks and have them automatically added into the Paprika format? The thought of having to individually type in every single recipe is a daunting (no, mind-blowing) task! But, I am committed and I will if I have to!

Thanks for any and all information!

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